High floors 1up to 7up to 10up to 20
Places (tables, rooms) up to 10up to 50up to 250up to 1000
Available space under the pictures (MB) 5 MB50 MB250 MB500 MB
Email notification to the customer of the order NoYesYesYes
Link to copyright in the module YesNoNoNo
Online fee payment $ 0.55$ 0.23$ 0.14$ 0.05
Comission for one bron $ 0.14$ 0.04$ 0.03$ 0.01
LNG: tarif_field_caption_advUserPrice $ 0.04$ 0.01$ 0.01$ 0.01
The cost of one SMS $ 0.05$ 0.05$ 0.04$ 0.04
Monthly fee free$ 0.30/day
($ 8.90/month)
$ 0.41/day
($ 12.33/month)
$ 0.82/day
($ 24.65/month)

Module is compatible

Module works at all CMS and designers of the websites.
There is a possibility of operation without the website according to the a direct link.

System «M-Bron.com» for wordpress
System «M-Bron.com» for joomla
System «M-Bron.com» for modx
System «M-Bron.com» for bitrix
System «M-Bron.com» for druplal
System «M-Bron.com» for wix
System «M-Bron.com» for umi
System «M-Bron.com» for jimdo
System «M-Bron.com» for opencart

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