Max users 1up to 2up to 4up to 20up to 40
High floors 1up to 3up to 7up to 10up to 20
Places (tables, rooms) up to 5up to 10up to 20up to 250up to 1000
Available space under the pictures (MB) 2 Mb5 Mb20 Mb60 Mb300 Mb
Additional fields in the order form No1 поле3 поля7 полей20 полей
Online payment YesYesYesYesYes
LNG_ERR:tarif_field_caption_advenced_products NoNoNoYesYes
Extra. improvements and bonuses NoNoYesYesYes
Edit template e-mail and SMS NoNoNoYesYes
Email notification to the customer of the order NoNoNoYesYes
Filters (selection) NoNoNoYesYes
Option: «Prices by date» BETA NoNoNoYesYes
Link to copyright in the module YesYesYesNoNo
Online fee payment $ 0.54$ 0.35$ 0.23$ 0.11$ 0.05
The cost of one SMS $ 0.07$ 0.05$ 0.04$ 0.04$ 0.04
Monthly fee free$ 0.11/day
($ 3.35/month)
$ 0.21/day
($ 6.57/month)
$ 0.31/day
($ 9.25/month)
$ 0.64/day
($ 19.43/month)

Module is compatible

Module works at all CMS and designers of the websites.
There is a possibility of operation without the website according to the a direct link.

System «M-Bron.com» for wordpress
System «M-Bron.com» for joomla
System «M-Bron.com» for modx
System «M-Bron.com» for bitrix
System «M-Bron.com» for druplal
System «M-Bron.com» for wix
System «M-Bron.com» for umi
System «M-Bron.com» for jimdo
System «M-Bron.com» for opencart

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