About Script of online booking

online booking

Script is quickly built in any website on any CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Wix, Bitrix, MODx, etc.), booking happens on your website with the help of widget smart integration. The module has its own administrator panel (CRM) for orders and clients control.

Every day we try to collect the best qualities of Script online booking. Works on booking system improving are performed every day, the new functionality is implemented permanently, all wishes and recommendations are considered.

Booking module is easily set up and integrated into website design. Also it can be completely altered. It has functional, convenient and adaptive administrator panel for requests and operation control with a client basis (CRM).

The script online booking will help to increase the loyalty of Your customers, to unload managers and to automate routine tasks.

If you need, we will help to set up the module.

Presentation opportunities

Best choice

  • For hotels
    Booking module for hotel rooms
  • For cafe or coffeehouses
    Module booking tables for cafe
  • For flats, houses and apartments
    Booking service apartments
  • For restaurants, clubs
    Booking module for restaurant

System «M-Bron.com»

  • Increases number of reservations at least by 10%
  • Increases loyalty of clients
  • Automates a part of business processes
  • Always available
  • Carries a client base and orders (CRM)
  • Works on PC, mobile telephone or tablet
  • Quickly set up and connected
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System opportunities

  1. Simple integration


  2. Notifications

    Client and you will receive E-mail or SMS-notifications

  3. Spam protection

    Spam protection, IP blocking, spam-lists, account protection

  4. Appearance

    Opportunity to change text and design of the module

  5. Сalendar grid

    Convenient calendar grid of orders for fast control of booking

  6. Two display modes

    Text and graphic with the editor of desktops layout

  7. Simultaneous operation

    Possibility for parallel work of several operators

  8. Flexible tariff

    Free tariff, credit mode, online pay

  9. 4 modes

    Periodic booking, daily booking, specified date, script mode of скрипта интернет магазина

  10. Online payments

    Connection of payment service providers (Yandex, soon Robokassa)

  11. Adaptability

    Script is adapted for phones, tablets and other devices

  12. Statistics

    Integration with Google Analytics

  13. Demarcation of access rights

    Administrator mode and manager mode

  14. Filters, search, sorting

    Opportunity to find, sort, filter any order, client, etc.

  15. Help in in install

    If you need, we will help you to connect, set up, change design

  16. Upload to XLS

    Unloading of any data in Excel(CSV) or a clip board

  17. Sosial integration

    Opportunity to connect script online booking to group or a public in VK

  18. Upgradable 24x7

    Every day we improve and add something new to our script!

You can send us the request for new or non-standard functionality finishing or development. All suggestions about widget improvement are considered in case of service up-dating. Online booking system works on PHP, system script can't be downloaded.

Обзор Script бронирования

Script has a large number of settings. Therefore, it is almost impossible to display all opportunities on diagrams. Register, set up, try - almost all opportunities are available beyond all bounds on time. You don’t even need the website for adjustment and testing.

Presentation opportunities

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Внешний вид, надписи и прочие настройки
модуля меняются в личном кабинете
это лишь образцы типовых решений

Script is compatible

Script works at all CMS and designers of the websites.
There is a possibility of operation without the website according to the a direct link.

Script online booking for wordpress
Script online booking for joomla
Script online booking for modx
Script online booking for bitrix
Script online booking for druplal
Script online booking for wix
Script online booking for umi
Script online booking for jimdo
Script online booking for opencart

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